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DHI Hair Transplant Turkey | Vita Estetic | Dr Kinyas

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI hair transplant Turkey

Everything you need to know about DHI hair transplant in Turkey

As soon as we hit 40, the harshness of reality sets in.
No matter how hard you try to hide it,

the baldness eventually  shows.

Therefore, if you are looking to revisit your glory days,

Direct Hair Implantation is the horse you bet on.

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey has seen a steady rise,

and this article is all about that.



We will discuss the following points:



What is DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)?

To put it as simply as possible, DHI Hair transplant is a

method in which the surgeon takes a graft from

a donor area first, then, using the same pen (Choi Pen),

the surgeon open channels and implant the hair directly

without the need of using another tool.

Thus, making it easy to place the hair in a specific order.

In other words, the follicles are extracted using a precision

tool and then placed very precisely one by one

on the bald areas.

Easier said than done, this is a time-consuming process and takes a skilled surgeon to do it correctly.




If the DHI procedure is done correctly, then the end results are astounding. After just one session with the surgeon, the result will show for itself.

This unique method allows the hair follicles to grow naturally, without falling off.


Therefore it automatically becomes the best option on the table if you are looking for a hair transplant.



DHI In Turkey


Turkey is no stranger to DHI. Over the years, DHI hair transplant in Turkey has increased many folds.

So much that Turkey has become a global Hair Transplant hub for patients from all over the world.

Thanks to expert hands and affordable costing, hair transplant in Turkey has blossomed into a booming business.


Premature hair fall has become a pandemic. Common among middle-aged men, DHI Hair transplant often become the last resort for most.


Now with the science perfected, hair transplant has become a sure shot method to regrow your youthfulness.



DHI Hair Transplant Turkey Cost


If you are looking to have your hair follicles grafted, but cannot stop thinking of what it will cost you. In that case, let me assure you that as technology has progressed, the cost of DHI procedure also has gone down.


On that note, the cost of DHI Hair Transplant Turkey can vary between 1600 - 2500 Euros, depending on the number of grafts required.


When compared to the price globally, it is still significantly less. Affordable costing coupled with highly qualified doctors have made Turkey the hotbed for hair transplant patients.

Not to forget 
that these prices include 2 night in a 5-star hotel, Transportation, medication, aftercare products and a dedicated patient host







Right off the bat, DHI Hair Transplant method is much preferred than FUE. Although one can say DHI evolved from FUE, there is still some major difference that sets both these methods apart.


To give you a better understanding, some of the major differences are listed below.


  1. High Survival Rate

    Rest assured, DHI technique is performed by certified doctors using precision tools. This gives the hair follicles a 90% survival rate while FUE has 80% survival rate


  2. Minimum Scar

    DHI allows the doctor to perform the transplant with a minimum amount of scar. Thus allowing the patient to recover quickly. The entire procedure is done under local anesthesia, therefore the patient does not feel a thing.


  3. Controlled Placement

    Unlike in the FUE method, DHI method gives the doctor full freedom to control the placement of the hair follicles.

    Using the DHI implanter pen, the doctor can place the follicles according to the desired depth and direction. This is a significant advantage over the traditional FUE method.


  4. Head Shave Not Required

    While the FUE method requires the patient to shave one’s head, that’s not the case with DHI.

    Using the DHI Implanter tool, the doctor can precisely place the hair follicle according to the depth and direction. Making it easier for the surgeon to implant the hair between existing hair follicles without damaging them.


  5. Costs More

    The FUE method has the DHI beat in cost as DHI costs 20% more than that of FUE. But it should not bother you as the other advantages overshadow the increase in cost.

    Without going into many details, DHI Hair Transplant is a much-preferred method over FUE. Although there are certain similarities, some distinct differences give the DHI method an added advantage.



















Applications Of Direct Hair Implantation


There’s a preconceived notion that DHI is only used to recover fading hairlines on your scalp.


But, that’s not the case.


Here are some of the areas where DHI can be used besides the hairline and still gives astonishing results when compared to FUE:


Eye Brows: DHI is a quite flexible hair transplant method. That’s why patients with abnormal eyebrow growth are a perfect candidate. The precision of the DHI pen makes it very easy to give the utmost natural looking eyebrows result.


Beards & Mustache: No need to hide from your friends if you have a patchy beard and mustache. That’s because DHI can help you fix that. DHI beard transplant will give you a very dense and natural looking mustache and beard.


Gone are those days when you felt kinda left out because of your receding hairline. Today, DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey is a real thing. People are flocking from all over the world to get their hair transplanted.


A small price to pay to regrow your lost confidence.

Common FAQs:


1. How good is DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey?


The answer to this question is pretty simple. Turkey has become the ground zero for hair loss patients from all over the world. Turkey houses some of the best DHI certified doctors, coupled with affordable pricing makes it the top destination for hair loss patients.


2. Does DHI hurt?


Absolutely not. The entire process is done under local anaesthesia, which means the patient does not feel a thing.


3. How many DHI sessions does a patient require to fully cover the balding areas?


Depending on how extended the hair loss is, the number of sittings can vary between 1 to 3. However, through research and development, some experienced doctors are able to implant up to 5500 grafts in a single session using the advanced DHI technique.


4. Is DHI method any good?


To put it simply, the DHI hair transplant method is a field-tested procedure. It is a much-advanced method of hair transplant which requires DHI certified doctors. This process comes with a 90% success rate, thus allowing the transplanted hair follicle to grow naturally.



5. Will it heal fast enough?


This process is done using a DHI implanter. It is a precision tool that does not scar your scalp. There is some post procedure care you need to take. But the recovery time is pretty quick. 

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