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Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey - Affordable and Dependable

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You often read about people looking desperately for a solution to their hair loss problem.

The most probable solution to such a crisis is obviously a Hair Transplant.

But, when you get to know what it might cost, you tend to back off.

But what if I tell you that the Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey is just a fraction of the cost you were told by your Doctor. Would you Believe i

That’s right.

Turkey has been a global destination for Hair Transplant patients for many years now.

This is all due to the affordable cost and dependable Doctors here at your service round the clock.

Why Turkey?

One of the first questions that you might have is, why Turkey? Is such type of procedures done only in Turkey?

Well, that’s not the case here. You can most definitely get a hair transplant done in your country, but at the same time, it will cost you around $15000.

On the other hand, for the past decade or so, Turkey has become the global hot-spot for Hair transplant patients from all over the world.

The main factor contributing to this is, of course, the cost.

Cost aside, Turkey is home to some of the best Doctors specializing in this field.

The Doctors over here at Turkey comes with the qualification required and a ton of experience under their belt.

All of these adds up to a pleasant experience for overseas patients looking for a Hair Transplant.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

One of the dominating factors for any medical procedure has to be the cost.

Before you go through a medical procedure, the first thing that popup on your mind is usually to be the amount of money you need to pay.

When it comes to Hair Transplant in Turkey. The cost factor can take a back seat.

That’s because Turkey houses some of the best institutions suited for Hair Transplant available for you at an affordable cost.

How cheap you ask!

Well, while Hair Transplant in the United States or United Kingdom costs between $7000 ~ $25000, the cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey is just between $1500 ~ 4000$.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey compared to the rest of the world
Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey compared to the rest of the world

It’s A Complete Package

After knowing about the prices of Hair Transplant in Turkey, you must be wondering what would be the end cost be after accommodation and medication.

Well let me tell you that the price mentioned above is inclusive of:

  • Doctor Fees & Treatment

Needless to say that the price of Hair Transplant in Turkey is inclusive of the Doctor’s fee and the treatment cost.

  • Accommodation

If you’re an outsider or an overseas patient then you will need a place to stay right?

Well, the price you need to pay comes with a 5-star hotel accommodation.

That means no more running around to find a suitable hotel.

The hotel we choose for our patients are close to the hospital its self. This way the commute becomes easier.

  • Transportation

That's right, the price includes 2-way transportation form airport to hotel and from hotel to the clinic.

  • Post Treatment Medication

Apart from accommodation and treatment cost, you are also paying for post-treatment medication as well.

Which means you will be getting sufficient doses of medication and medicated shampoo to go with it.

It’s a complete package, which means you don’t have to worry about extra costing.

In short, the cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey is inclusive of everything mentioned above.

Why Does the Cost vary?

Before deciding to go on with such a procedure, you most probably have gone through a number of websites to double check the cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey.

You would definitely notice a slight difference in prices. That is because the prices mentioned here and in any other websites are subjected to change.

Here are some of the factors that might come into effect:

  • Total Number of grafts Required :

The number of grafts required is a major deciding factor on the cost. This is because the number of grafts might differ from patient to patient.

Depending on the amount of balding one has, the graft number can be 2000 follicles or 5000 follicles.

With an increase in the number of grafts, the price shoots up accordingly.

  • Team On Duty :

As you already know, Turkey is home to some of the Best Hair Transplant Doctors in the world.

But, at the same time, regular medical technicians performing such a medical procedure is very common

Therefore it is needless to say that the price between a doctor and medical technician would definitely vary.

  • Extent Of The Damage:

Before examining the true extent of the damage, it can be very difficult to coat an exact cost.

If a subject needs special care. Then the cost of such Hair Transplant in Turkey is sure to go up.

  • Type Of Procedure:

Depending on the area of hair loss. The type of method used on the patient can determine the cost.

If the treatment requires the patient to go through an FUE Hair Transplant procedure then it would cost less.

If he/she is to go through a DHI procedure, then it would definitely cost more. Roughly 20% more to be exact.

Hair Transplant in Turkey - The Best in The Business

It is estimated that over 50000 patients make a trip to Turkey each year to get a Hair Transplant done.

While we have patients from Britain and America, a massive chunk of the patients comes from the Gulf countries.

A major reason for Gulf country citizens to lose hair prematurely is due to the excessive heat and the desalinated sea water they use for hygiene.

If you were to Google the difference between the cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey and the cost of Hair Transplant elsewhere, you will find that the price of Hair Transplant in Turkey is 1/4th of the cost of Hair Transplant in the UK and USA.

The difference is huge but still, the Hair Transplant industry in Turkey is able generates more than $1 Billion of revenue each year.

Looking to Regenerate Your Hair - Come to Turkey

Even if you put the cost aside, there are a number of other factors that contribute to Turkey’s success:

  • Doctors

We have some of the best doctors trained in this particular field. With prior consultation, you can book an appointment with our highly qualified Doctors online.

  • Post Treatment Care

Providing a post-treatment care is of prior importance. The Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey is inclusive of Post Treatment Care.

  • Istanbul is beautiful

If you want to come down to Turkey to get a Hair Transplant done, you can as well enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul. Take a walk in the Istiklal street or visit the historic places around Istanbul. Did we mention the amazing night life as well?

Things to Remember

It is understandable that you are worried about getting bold before your time.

As a countermeasure, if you’re looking to have a Hair transplant in Turkey. There are certain things that you must remember:

  • The Cost Of Hair Transplant in Turkey

The cost of Hair Transplant is very important and you must take note of it.

Right off the bat, an FUE hair transplant will cost you around 1900 $. while DHI hair transplant will cost you around 2500 $.

Of course, the price may vary depending on the patients need.

Before you take a step back, just know that a similar number of grafts in the rest of the world, would cost you almost four times the this amount if not more.

  • The number of grafts depends on the amount of hair left

What this means is, to perform a hair follicle graft transplant, you will need to have a certain amount of hair on your donor area.

Normally the graft is taken from the back side of your head and sometimes from the sides.

Therefore, it is very important to consult a Doctor and then take the decision.

  • Different Procedures of Hair Restoration

Just know that there a number of different procedures of Hair Transplant or Restoration. The methods might vary from patient to patient. The two most common methods of Hair transplant are FUE and DHI. Other methods like Sapphire hair transplant are also famous.

Now that you know everything related to the cost of hair transplant here in Turkey, you can proceed and chose the best method suiting your hair transplant.

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