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A graft calculator will help you figure out the approximate number of grafts and hairs you need to get from a hair transplant surgery for the optimal result.

Vita Estetic presents to you hair calculator to help you roughly identify the number of grafts and hairs you need in the receding areas of your head.

Before using the tool, make sure you know everything about hair transplant in Turkey

P.S: If you are having trouble using the calculator, you can scroll down for
Step by Step guide on how to use hair transplant Graft Calculator or just
click here.

Graft Calculator for Hair Transplant Tur
Graft Calulator - How To

Here's Step by Step guide to using the Hair Graft Calculator

Step 1: Determine your Bald Areas

Check your head and try to section it into 7 areas
Area 1: Temples
Area 2: Hairline 

Area 3: Frontal
Area 4:  Mid-Scalp
Area 5: Evolving Mid-scalp + Evolving Vertex
Area 6: Crown/Vertex
Area 7: Evolving Vertex

After you determine which areas need a hair transplant, check the boxes to select them as shown below:


Graft Calculator for Hair Transplant 1.g

Step 2: Choosing Hair Density 

After checking the areas that need a hair transplant, use the slider to determine the density of the transplanted hair (Grafts/cm2) as shown below in the photo.

The results will vary depending on the density you choose. Our recommended density is 60 grafts/cm2.

The graft calculator will show you the number of grafts and the number of hairs follicles you will need for the optimal results.

P.S: A Hair Graft is a small part of the head skin where it has a couple of hair follicles in it.

Graft Calculator for Hair Transplant 2.g

Step 3: Get a Quote:

After you get the number of grafts needed for your hair transplant's optimal results, contact us to get a free quote and free consultation.

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